Thursday, June 23, 2016

A More Gentle Summer

Henry has successfully finished 3rd grade and is having a good summer this year. He has already gone to a soccer camp and then a couple of weeks at good ol' Zoo Camp at nearby Audubon Zoo.  Meanwhile he has been swimming pretty much every day and otherwise has kept himself happily entertained.  

Medically he is also enjoying a much calmer summer. True, he is currently undergoing a gradual widening of his palate, having been fitted with an expander device that spans and slowly stretches the roof of his mouth, and our medical team thinks he is just about ready for bone to be grafted into the gaps around the center of his maxilla. But at least no one is rushing us to schedule the surgery within the next month or so and, amazingly, Henry seems more comfortable with his palate expander than his sisters are with their common orthodontic braces.

Mostly he is gleefully looking forward to our annual summer trip to the beach, although he sure wishes we could bring our cat.

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