Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Poetry in Motion

China is a great place. I like to feel its wind in my face.
There are lots of people nearby. I like it so much I want to cry.
It is very nice. It is like paradise.
China is the best.

- Dorothy-Rui Corrigan

China is fun.
I like it when you get to fly kites.
Henry is my brother and I love him.
Kites are like airplanes.
- Clara-Li Corrigan

Ah uh
Ah Ah
- Henry Xiaowei Corrigan

Here, is the universe of the exchange out of genuine friendship of famous glutton and sunshine cook.
Here, play various beautiful edible movement every days.
Here, have collected numerous flavor snake and delicacies well known banquet.

Select here … in the beautiful edible artistic hall with fragrance everywhere and let you appetite time increase absolutely.
Here, what you taste arrives in not only the delicacies of delicious food, you can enjoy Chinese porcelain cultural place … fully refined congeal to practice an artistic marrow.
- From a Menu Description at the Sunshine Plaza in Lanzhou

Love is incompatible with fear.
- Ancient Chinese Proverb


Anonymous said...

To Andy and all....

Everyone looks happier by the day!! You are so blessed.


Ellyn and Sean

Terenia said...

Dorothy and Clara, China is bringing out your inner poets, no wonder you like it so much.

Henry - that's a snazzy rhyme pattern!

Sending lots of hugs and good wishes to our fearless and poetic friends.

The Guill family