Monday, August 11, 2008

Postscript Update

Late this afternoon we returned briefly to the hospital where Henry's lip sutures were quickly removed to let his skin heal in the area surrounding them. In four to six weeks our team will try the lip adhesion again. "This is a delay not a setback," said our wise old expert, quite matter of factly, after closely surveying the affected tissue. The interior palate area surgery continues to hold, although it will be vulnerable for a few more weeks and those clunky, uncomfortable arm mitts will need to stay on. A kind friend summarized the situation best: the smile they gave us last week just wasn't the permanent one Henry was supposed to have. So for a little longer we'll have his original smile, which had always been just fine to us as temporary.


Sharon said...

Hey guys! Just catching up...we are two weeks post-op for Hudson's palate surgery. They also did a nose lift and lip revision. Recovery was rough but he is doing well now.
Sorry to hear you will need to re-do his lip but as you say....he is so loved and all will be fine in time.

mumma to many said...

Ouch it looks sore to me and Henry looks like such a trooper!
Positive wishes heading your way across the ocean!
Hugs Ruth in NZ

The Montieth Family said...

Oh poor Henry was just doing what ALL toddlers do, I know of many who have fallen into tables (including my own Emma)! I feel so sorry for him that he caught his lip though! :(

He sure does look sore in that picture and not happy about those arm bands I am sure! Yet, he just has this aura of strength about him in these pictures. With Henry's strength and the wisdom of his surgeon...the 3rd time will be a charm! : ) In the mean time he is as handsome as ever, quite the ladies man in the making! ; P

The Montieth Family
Megan, Greg and Emma
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